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Rēzo 1390 plans


Assembled from heavy duty 4545 aluminum extrusions, the Rēzo 1390 laser features best in class engraving speeds, the ability to cut 1/2" plywood, 1" pine boards and 1" acrylic sheets, a large 4'x3' laser bed that combined with front and rear pass through doors allows the Rēzo to accept full 4'x8' projects!

This build is for the DIY'er who is looking to save some cash, while being unwilling to compromise on final machine quality. The Rēzo shops competitively against machines like the Thunder Lasers Nova 51 100w, and the Aeon Nova 10 100w. The Rēzo is not only faster and more capable, but the final build costs are 40-60% less than the commercially available machines.

For more photos and info visit the Laser Builders Guild and search for Jonathan Frost.

Whats included:
Fusion 360 CAD models that serve as the build reference.

A complete parts list with links.

Design files for the parts that require fabrication and the vendors I used to make me the parts.

A vendor discount code that saves $100+ on the laser components.

And access to the invite only builder’s group that serves as the FAQ and tech support.

The build goes together quite easily, nearly like legos. And the assembly is well documented in the group. There are no special skills or tools required to complete the build.

Once your payment has been processed you will be emailed a Google Drive link within 24hr (usually less than 2hrs) to all of the files. You will also be approved into the Facebook builders group.